Meet the Wallers


Can Love Survive Art and Marriage?

Mark Waller is a successful Australian Artist and Cancer survivor, but it wasn’t always like that. His wife Nicole Waller allows herself to be vulnerable and trust the process, but it wasn’t always like that either.

Few people understand the struggle and journey of a living artist, or the pressure it places on their immediate family.
With the power of retrospect offered by the film we see that diamonds only form under unique and specific conditions.

So how does a modern day artist and his young family survive in a world geared toward mortgages, bills, marriage, children and success? Join us in watching this amazing story that was filmed over 20years in Lennox Head, Australia


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Fantastic, riveting, honest, open, raw, so compelling to watch

– Carol Grey

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Just saw the film. Amazing, makes you reflect on your own life

– Stephanie Yam

Audience Breath of Fresh Air Festival

Just watched the premiere and loved it. The story scared me and filled me with joy!

– Lindsey Ruster

Audience Breath of Fresh Air Festival

Saw the film last night. Wonderful, entertaining, emotional, raw and unusual.  A terrific experience

– Peter Hudson

Audience Breath of Fresh Air Festival


A true story about commitment; commitment to marriage, to your art, to your truth, and to making a film spanning two decades.
An authentic journey of life captured on film for the first time.


Life is a journey, not a destination. Never truer do we find this in the story captured in Meet the Wallers.
We become immersed in the world of Mark and Nic Waller, as their journey is just beginning.


Love at first sight brings these two local Lennox residents together, starting a family, building a house and beginning on the great mystery of ‘till death do us part’.


The rose-coloured glasses soon break when Nicole realises just how hard it is to enter into the ‘art world’ and be taken seriously – despite Mark’s overwhelming and obvious natural talent.


Ragged trouser philanthropist Mark, believes his paintings are a gateway into another dimension and can effect real social change through his passionate ‘ripple effect’ project.


Filmed in the beachside town of Lennox Head, a short distance from the mecca of Byron Bay, Nicole and Mark Waller are the central focus of the film, their story isn’t known at all when the camera first started rolling, in the early 2000’s. They didn’t know what their marriage and lives were going to face, and neither did the cameraman.


In stark contrast to a changed world, the story on film is as real as it’s going to get. Meet the Wallers is a voyeur’s dream, a literal fly on the wall at every crucial moment, and every dark turn – nothing is hidden, or manipulated. It’s a testament to the true strength and power found in genuine connection and commitment to doing something hard. It’s an odyssey to learning to fix something if it’s broken, and having the guts to admit when you’re wrong. Love is the glue that matters and keeps everything together. When tragedy strikes, all other cares fade into the distance, regardless of the distance between hearts.


Meet the Wallers is a story for the now. Being able to look back on your life having gone through tough times, having stuck to your dreams and decisions is the kind of experience we all admire, but rarely have enough guts to pursue.

Director/Producer – Jim Stevens  |  Producer – Gil Scrine  |  Executive Producer – Judith Ehrlich   

Executive Producer – Trish Lake  |  Cinematographer – Jim Stevens  |  Editor – Michael Craft